As we sit smack dab in the middle of political convention season it may be interesting to explore the ways in which organizational leadership has changed.

Since the end of the industrial revolution and the onset of the information age it is clear that command and control leadership is problematic in most industries and many situations. In recent years many thoughtful leaders have advocated a leadership development style that includes input from the entire team. This model of leadership is very effective to improve communication, get “buy-in”, and increase the effectiveness of a team. In many circles this new leadership model crosses over a line and descends into a situation where the “inmates are running the asylum.” Remember, you are the leader. However, strong leadership does not translate into the title I wish I had, “Supreme Leader!” Nor does it mean that your job is to help make the wishes of the team your primary concern. As the leader your desire to achieve new levels of performance must promote your curiosity on how to do it better. As the leader you need feedback, input, new ideas, suggestions and the contribution of everyone. However, you are the leader! Below is a list of things that you can’t abdicate;


  • You can’t abdicate the outcomes
  • You can’t abdicate the culture
  • You can’t abdicate accountability
  • You can’t abdicate modeling

The death of command and control does not equal abdication. People love to be well led, and they look to you to demonstrate a capacity to lead. Therefore, lead well!

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