Entrepreneurial Leadership Profile

Take our Entrepreneurial Leadership Profile test and get a custom report based on your unique strengths to discover how to make a bigger impact within your business and life.

Why does it matter to me:

  • Lets you focus on your passion

  • Takes your team from working in a job to a career

  • Further your goals as an entrepreneur

  • Enhances the way you lead your team

Who is this for:

  • The Entrepreneur

  • The Executive

  • The Team Members

What Do I Get:

  • A custom report on your unique strengths as a leader

  • In-depth highly validated results that break down you and your teams leadership styles.

  • Kill uncertainty - uncover what area of leadership you should be focusing on

  • 1 hour consultation - coaching and review from a senior consultant over the phone

Discover one of the best tools available to completely understand where you are in your business and craft a strategy for where you want to go.

The ELP allows our team take your business to higher levels. This system allows us to better understand your leadership styles as well as your teams leadership styles.

The Executive Leadership Profile (ELP) assesses the following:

  • MBTI Personality Profile

  • Leadership Style

  • Leadership Skills and Systems

  • Organizational Health

This is a staple in Awake’s process that we incorporate it in every one of our programs. Without understanding what makes the entrepreneur and their team work within leadership, a business cannot fully get the most out of their business and could be limiting for the growth and freedom in the future.


Leadership Profile
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Awake Coaching and Consulting has made a huge impact on my business and my leadership! It has opened my eyes to several changes I needed to make in the way I and my team perform within the business in order to achieve results I’m looking for. What I appreciate even more than that awareness, is that Awake has helped guide and coach me on HOW TO MAKE those changes. Having someone to turn to, when I need direction or advice has really empowered me to move ahead with confidence.
— Amanda Chase - State Farm Agent

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