It’s Monday morning; What do I do now?

I don’t know about you, but one of the most difficult challenges I face on Monday mornings is what challenge do I tackle first.  I am convinced that if we could remain focused on our most strategic and profitable opportunities for the first 3 days of the week, it would transform our life and business.  Here are some things I do passionately on Monday that have served me well.  Tell me what works for you.

  • Take a walk…This 1 hour of time really starts things off right and slow.  It gets both the blood and ideas flowing.
  • Journal…I try to brain dump and capture everything floating around in my head.  A quick 15 minutes of getting random thoughts on paper is very helpful.
  • Shower…20 minutes that makes me acceptable for others.
  • Read…I spend 20 minutes on Monday trying to learn something, or sustain my passion and motivation
  • Plan…At some point in the morning, all of this stuff swimming in my head needs a time to execute.   I need 20 minutes to craft a plan that focuses on that which is most important short term, and how that is connected to my long term goals.  I block time to execute priorities.
  • Email…I typically allow 30 minutes to send out important and encouraging emails that initiate productive conversation.
  • Meet… Before 11 on Monday I meet with my team to align agendas and priorities.