Awake Leadership Training

This Program is for the leaders that understand the importance that all their leaders are on the same page and working at a higher level of excellence.

Why does it matter to me:

  • Take your team of leaders and train them as a team

  • Create a more passionate, energized, valued, focused, effective organization

  • Further develop your leaders to create a self managing business

  • No longer be commuted to the 100 hour work week as the owner

  • Letting the team work to capitalize the companies capabilities

Who is this for:

  • The Executive

  • The Entrepreneur

What Do I Get:

  • A custom report(s) on the unique strengths of your leaders (see more > ELP)

  • In-depth highly validated results that break down you and your teams leadership styles

  • Kill uncertainty - uncover what area of leadership you should be focusing on

  • The type of leadership required to reach your ultimate potential.

  • Who should be on your leadership team, and who should not.

  • How to get a grip on the current reality of your business.

  • What you must be doing with your time to lead in a focused manner.

  • How to market your breakthrough idea.

  • How to create a culture that executes at all levels.

  • How to consistently move from average to excellent and apply the learned concepts over and over again.

  • 48 hours of class room training (designed for up to 30 team members)

The Wide Awake Leadership Workshop will dispel many of the myths on what it takes to make significant improvements to your business. This workshop will also provide a specific process for taking your leadership to the next level. Exceptional long-term results are achieved when the processes and skills acquired during our workshops are combined with one-on-one Awake coaching partnership.

Additionally, we can tailor our workshops to suit the needs of your team and organization to give you the confidence that will move you in an excellent new direction.

Awake Coaching and Consulting has made a huge impact on my business and my leadership! It has opened my eyes to several changes I needed to make in the way I and my team perform within the business in order to achieve results Iā€™m looking for. What I appreciate even more than that awareness, is that Awake has helped guide and coach me on HOW TO MAKE those changes. Having someone to turn to, when I need direction or advice has really empowered me to move ahead with confidence.
— Amanda Chase - State Farm Agent

Awake Leadership Training
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