The Greek Poet Hesiod penned the philosophy in 700BC, “moderation in all things.” I would guess this would include being moderate in how often you practice moderation. I thank my parents and others along the way that have taught and modeled the wisdom of moderation. It has allowed me to enjoy eating heartily, without being gluttonous. It has inspired me to pursue wealth without being greedy. Politically and socially I can talk to and spend time with liberals and conservatives without being morally superior. I have embraced the virtue of moderation.

Maybe this is why I am fascinated with the idea of what is required to defeat the enemy of mediocrity. There is an easy confusion and clear temptation to conflate moderation and mediocrity. Moderation encourages action, but not too aggressive. Moderation resists defeat, but tempers triumph. Moderation values success, but does not cultivate maniacal focus. Moderation invites commitment, but suppresses absolute devotion. Maybe you can see that a risk in practicing moderation is that you can settle for mediocrity and label it a success in your beliefs.

Mediocrity is experienced when you accept the status quo, and settle for its continued existence. Mediocrity is not a standard measurement, it is the standard measurement from which you need to improve. One person’s mediocrity is another’s excellence. However, all are continuously invited to discover life and the joy in the defeating of mediocrity.

A transformative coaching relationship is a powerful tool to help you identify areas of life where you are not leading the fight against mediocrity. Coaching can help devise a game plan, take action and monitor progress. Every single client that Awake Consulting & Coaching serves is actively engaged in the challenge of overcoming mediocrity in every form. By all means, practice moderation. By no means, settle for mediocrity.