When smart, creative and motivated people take the leap of faith to launch an enterprise, they face a major risk…making the simple too complex. People are complex, life is complex and yes entrepreneurial leadership can be complex. However, success belongs to the leader that knows how to make the complex very simple. Below are eight dynamics that you as a leader should have a plan for and a process to move forward. If you are exercising leadership development in every one of these dynamics it may be safe to say “you are firing on all eight cylinders.”


Strategic Dynamic: Do you have a step by step plan of how to move from your current reality toward your desired future? Keep in mind, every strategy you are employing must be partnered with a plan to develop the leaders in your business.


Leadership Dynamic: If your business is going to grow, you the leader must learn to lead well. What are you currently doing to grow as a leader? What are you learning, how are you changing, what investments are you making in your leadership ability?


Team Dynamic: The difference between having a business that you own and one that owns you lies in the quality of the team you have assembled. Business at its core is about building relationships that provide value. Do you have a team that you value, and the marketplace values? What are you doing to build your team?


Reality Dynamic: Do you have a clear well defined assessment of what your business is doing well? Do you know the threats that could undermine the success of your business? Is everyone on your team aligned on knowing what obstacles must be overcome for success?


Market Dynamic: You have your strategy, you have your team and you are focused. Now you must access the market. Are you clear on the value of your product, is it priced for profit, do you have a process people can follow to buy more of your product? Many great products and services have limited success because there is not a well thought out marketing plan.


Culture Dynamic: The one thing that can undermine the long-term success of your business is a toxic culture. Can you describe your culture in 4 words or less? Have you defined the culture that you know will sustain long-term profits? Are you creating a leadership culture?


Technology Dynamic: Yes, technology is a very cool thing. Yes, technology can increase profitability. Yes, technology can allow you to do new stuff, better and faster. But, technology can’t replace the power of human relationships. Remember, all technology must be implemented by human personalities. Have you done an audit on the technology resources currently available to you? Are there habits and behaviors that are limiting your ability to maximize the full use of technology? Are you wanting your technology to do something that only a human face can do?


The Process Dynamic: Great systems and processes allow average performers to function at above average levels on a consistent basis and to increase productivity. When was the last time you measured the output of your processes? Do you include your team in the design and re-design of your core processes?


Master these eight dynamics and you will have a business that runs better than you can imagine. If you have a question, give us a call at 1-800-306-8480.

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