Effective leadership is always a unique blend of art and science. Nuance matters. Intellectual and emotional intelligence will pay big dividends. I am a firm believer that substance will eventually win over style, and depth is a necessary ingredient to grow as a leader. With all of that being said, sometimes small tips, tricks and techniques can get the job done. I don’t always need to know why or how something works; I just need to know that it does work. This morning I dedicate this blog to the simple things a leader can do to make their job easier.

One of the core concepts of Wide Awake Leadership is the idea that there are 5 areas of discipline to maximize the practice of self-leadership development. These tips, tricks and techniques are structured to work with the 5 areas of self-leadership disciplines. If you have any additional suggestions feel free to contribute and post.

Control Time Block 90 minutes every day to focus on your most complex work. Only retrieve email 3-4 times/day.

Temper Emotions Stop and purposefully breathe at least 3 times/day (Slow and deep breathes) Apologize when necessary

Fuel Energy Identify and eliminate annoying tolerations weekly Invest in a productive hobby

Focus Words Outline your most crucial conversation in advance Once a week use a metaphor and or a word picture to communicate the vision

Use Power Build credibility with others by connecting on a personal level with team members Build credibility by making a tough decision you have been procrastinating on for a month

What are your tips, tricks & techniques that help you grow as an effective leader?