Sr. Business Coach

Bob has 20 plus years expertise in executive sales, marketing, and administration. He has made powerful personal and organizational impact through public speaking, teaching, funding development, and large-scale event coordination. He is an accomplished motivational speaker and trainer and has authored training programs and manuals related to organizational growth and member involvement.

Bob has learned that the greatest lessons in life often come through failure. He believes failure is not an end, but an opportunity to move to a higher level of accomplishment. Experiencing both success and failure has given Bob a heart of understanding and wisdom of insight. Both experiences enable him to lead others through difficult situations to a strength of leadership that mentors business teams to move to a new level of excellence.

Prior to joining Awake, Bob developed a consulting and leadership role with architects, and national building and construction firms, working with small to large churches. He was instrumental in helping thirty-seven leadership teams determine the feasibility and facility needs of their growing congregations. Bob has joined business and church leaders in dreaming the dream, raising the bar, and completing the task to reach the goal again and again. His speaking, leadership, networking, and team building skills allowed him to be the catalyst of growth to community leaders and entrepreneurs in seven states.

Bob’s twenty-four years of service as Senior Pastor with growing churches in Kentucky and Florida, and his years as a top producer in sales of financial, insurance, and business products provided a background and passion for helping good business owners become great business leaders.

Bob graduated with honors from Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida; he completed one academic year at the University of South Florida; and earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Asbury University in Kentucky. He earned his Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in Organizational Growth at Asbury Theological Seminary also in Kentucky.

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