Working with a coach can transform your business, your team, your profits and ultimately your life.

Awake Consulting and Coaching offers three distinct coaching programs to meet the needs of your vision for growth.

Awake Group:

This is a group coaching program comprised of 4-8 entrepreneurs wanting to get their business started. This is designed for entrepreneurs that need help establishing the foundations allowing you to lead your business to the next level. It will allow you to cultivate skills in clarifying your vision, values, goals and how to design efficient systems.

1-on-1 Coaching

This tailored coaching program is designed for leaders wanting to sustain the growth of their business while gaining greater balance in their life. In a 1-1 coaching program we blend our model for getting results with the unique challenges you face and the personal vision you have for being an entrepreneur.

Awake Leader:

This one of a kind coaching program is about mastery and market dominance. In Awake Leader we blend the tailored aspects of 1-1 coaching with trimester, in person coaching workshops where you will collaborate with a team of other ambitious leaders.

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