Senior Business Coach

James Loftin has been a senior business consultant and one-on-one coach with Awake since 2010. He is especially gifted in helping leaders: a.) Develop clarity, a strategy and accountability, b.) Cultivate more effective communication with diverse cultures within and beyond their team, c.) Maximize their time and prioritize resources to meet goals and achieve excellence, and d.) Resolve and analyze conflict in their team. James has led courses and provided coaching on strategic leadership across America and in Cuba, China, Russia, Korea, and the Philippines.

In 2005 James founded and continues to serve as president of Connections Consulting Inc. Using resources from anthropology, sociology and communication theory, the Connections team provides seminars, coaching, and culture education tours. In addition to serving on the small team that started the Orlando Campus of Asbury Seminary (1999), Loftin helped launch an international school in Asia (2017) and three nonprofit ministries in the US that continue to excel. Break Thru Ministries (1978) is a youth ministry based in Mississippi that offers year-round programs and involves thousands of teenagers and youth leaders from across the nation. Service Over Self (1987) has repaired over eleven hundred homes in Tennessee at no cost to owners by utilizing donated supplies and over twenty-five thousand volunteers. FollowOne International (2004) provides coaching to leaders of churches and other organizations who want to have maximum impact on their communities and the world.

In addition to achieving an undergraduate degree in sociology at Mississippi State University, James received a graduate degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and completed all coursework and research for a doctorate in cross-cultural leadership at Asbury (ABD). After living in Shanghai for five years, James and his wife moved to South Georgia in 2020. They enjoy experiencing the beauty of nature, trying new foods, and making friends.

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