Sr. Business Coach

James Loftin has been a senior business consultant and one-on-one coach with Awake since 2010. He is especially gifted in helping leaders: a.) Develop more effective communication with diverse cultures within and beyond their core team, b.) Maximize their time and resources, and c.) Diffuse, analyze and learn from conflict between team members. James has led courses on strategic leadership across America and in settings as diverse as Cuba, China, Russia, Korea, and the Philippines. Living in Shanghai since 2016, James now spends much of his time helping foreigners in China understand and effectively navigate the culture and the Chinese ways of doing business.

In 2005 James founded and continues to serve as president of Connections Consulting Inc. Using resources from anthropology, sociology and communication theory, the Connections team provides seminars, coaching, and culture education tours to help leaders more effectively communicate cross culturally. James has a deep connection with non-profit organizations and local churches that are focused on serving cross-culturally. From 1999 to 2004, he served as Dean of the Chapel and Director of Outreach for the graduate school, Asbury Theological Seminary in Orlando.

In addition to achieving an undergraduate degree in sociology at Mississippi State University, James received a graduate degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and completed all coursework and research for a doctorate in cross-cultural leadership at Asbury (ABD). In addition to experiencing life with his family, James likes to be on or in the water, hike in mountains or forests, walk on the beach, and read.

James’ life experiences, education, global perspective, commitment to excellence, ability to think strategically, warmth and passion make him a good fit for leaders seeking help in moving their teams and companies forward.