Amidst the chaos and busyness of this time of year it is important to slow down long enough to do a little reflecting.  Out of those moments of reflection allow me to offer the following random thoughts.


Thank You:  Thank you for caring about your leadership.  Thank you for caring about the people under your influence.  Thank you for a curiosity and desire to get better and grow as a leader.


Celebrate:  Tis the season to remember that most of the people around you are people of faith.  There may be significant and nuanced distinctions in the core tenants of their faith but the reality is that there is now an opportunity to recognize and celebrate something that at times is very personal.  You can give permission for people to publically acknowledge and honor their faith.


Reflect:  It does not matter if your fiscal year aligns with the calendar year, this is not a bad time to look in the rear view mirror of 2016.  A pause to savor the victories and learn from the defeats is always a productive activity.  In what ways have you improved, and how does this past year offer insight to where you need to direct your energy in 2017?


Prepare:  The difference between December 31 and January 1 may only be a day.  But as we have learned many times throughout recent years, sometimes in a single day everything can change.  In advance of the push that often begins on the first day of the new year, when everything goes back to 0, prepare yourself.  May I suggest rest, reading, writing and relating.