To build a profitable enterprise you must build focused, cohesive teams.

From time to time teams can struggle with the following challenges:

  • Mission Confusion
  • Unclear Strategy
  • Bad Metrics
  • Broken Trust
  • Unaligned Goals
  • Low Morale
  • Poor Results
  • Inefficient Processes
  • Personality Conflicts
  • Core Values
  • Low Motivation
  • Strategic Planning

If your team encounters these types of issues Awake Consulting & Coaching can troubleshoot them for you.

We employ a four- phase consulting process that will lead your team to renewed performance with minimal interruption to your core business.

Phase 1

Diagnose and Assessment

Phase 2

Interview and Coaching

Phase 3

On-site Consultation and Troubleshooting

Phase 4

Coaching for Implementation
Contact us to begin the process and get back to the performance you desire.

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