"Everyone you meet, everyone you see, everyone you talk to is asleep. Only the few who are awake spend their days in constant and total amazement" - Joe Versus the Volcano

What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a leader? An entrepreneur starts a growing business. A leader grows the business by growing the leaders in the business. Are you ready to become a leader?

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Our one-on-one "wake-up calls" offer leaders business coaching, leadership and team development workshops, onsite consulting and the Entrepreneurial/Executive Leadership Profile (ELP) designed to:

Wake up leaders to their ultimate potential. Improve and develop proven leadership skills. Implement business strategies to improve work place efficiency. Maximize bottom-line results. Increase the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

There's no need to take one more step alone. Awake Consulting & Coaching can be your non-equity partner in the success of your business.

We help professionals, entrepreneurs and executives to be more effective, grow their business and reduce stress through a systematic game plan for leadership development. Our eight section program, Wide Awake Leadership will help you become more successful today.